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The English version of a book on Bronze Age religion based on a fascinating
interpretation of Stonehenge, the Scandinavian rock carvings,
and archaeological finds of the period

The Cosmic Wedding – a New Interpretation of Southern Scandinavian Rock Carvings, Stonehenge, and other Manifestations of Bronze Age Religion
by Berit Johnsen

The Cosmic Wedding was first published in Danish in 2003. However, the subject area covers the religious ideas not only in Scandinavia but in northern Europe as a whole. Therefore it has been natural to produce an English translation of the book.

The Cosmic Wedding presents a radically new way of looking at Bronze Age religion, taking its starting point in the conception that the main role of religion has been to secure cosmos, the divine order, to make life continue. The interpretation is founded on archaeology, history of religion and not least the depth psychological theory about symbols.

Excerpts of reviews of the Danish edition:

A flowing, ambiguous world with many references to results obtained by previous research in the area is presented. Berit Johnsen relates wisely and openly to more down-to-earth and definitive interpretations.
Niels Ishøj Christensen in Adoranten 2003

It is the first time I have seen a plausible description of the purpose of the impressive stone circles i.e. clear of any exaggerated spirituality in new-age terms and of archaeological pedantry. Altogether this is an interpretation and linking-up of very comprehensive material, which the author has gathered and worked on for 14 years, and the breadth of view is felt...
Ever since I saw the great rock carving sites in Tanum, Bohuslän (Sweden) in 1994, I have had photos hanging on my notice board showing the couple, the duel, the sun etc. and read possible interpretations here and there, but never one with such a great coherence and enthusiasm as here – the book has my unreserved recommendation.”
Hanne Vestergaard Andersen in Religion October 2003

166 pages
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